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CCTV and Security for Schools

CCTV and Security Services for Schools Network IT is working alongside GB Security to provide a premium all in one security and CCTV solution with excellent value for schools. A range of CCTV and Security products and services that can help your school to improve its security, monitoring and compliance measures for schools. CCTV for […]

Servers in schools – best practices for your server room

Best practices for server rooms in schools Servers are an essential asset for schools and server room design and setup are just as important.The servers and server room in your school manages all the data and information running through the whole school ICT network. Here at Network IT we have over 15 years of experience […]

Wifi 6 – Wireless Networks for Schools

What is Wi-Fi 6? How can it improve the learning environment in schools? Wi-Fi 6 is designed to increase speed, maximise efficiency and decrease congestion. Wi-Fi 6 is faster and better at transferring data compared to previous generations of wireless for schools. Here at Network IT 24, we’re looking forward to rolling out this new […]

Which ICT support package is best for my school?

Support your schools ICT infrastructure with the best support With the large and swift changes to the way schools educate, interact with their communities and use ICT, the right support service and package can help schools like yours to strengthen and enhance the role of IT both in school and remotely. Essential Support Service for […]

How interactive touchscreens can benefit education in schools

Interactive touchscreen technology is transforming the classroom Interactive touch screen displays for schools, used in education, are changing how staff teach and students learn. There are many benefits of using interactive whiteboards in the classroom, for social distanced learning. These include enhanced student engagement and performance as well as teacher and administrator efficiency. First of […]

Remote and in-school learning during COVID-19

Make sure your school is prepared for a changing learning environment Schools like yours, around the world are responding to COVID-19, and the need for services and software to support remote learning urgent. Your school may need to update and upgrade how it works to a new digital forward way. This could include upgrading your […]

Wireless Internet for Schools – Glossary of Terms

Find out what these Wireless and Internet terms mean Navigating wireless internet services and information for schools can be difficult, especially with the plethora of commonly used technical terms out there. We’ve put together a little glossary of some of the wireless and internet for schools terms you may have come across and hope it […]

Getting your Schools ICT ready to support learning in September

Ensure a top class learning experience in September With schools re-opening to students in September, it is more important than ever to ensure your schools IT supports the new emphasis on distance learning and digital classrooms. Schools have to improve and upgrade their ICT network, hardware, software and infrastructure to meet the demand of digital […]

Maximise your School’s ICT budget

Helping your school save money When looking at ways to maximise your ICT budget the first point to consider is ensuring you have a strategic ICT plan in place. We find schools often overspend on their ICT budget because they don’t have a plan. “Where do we start?” This is a popular question many schools […]