Getting your Schools ICT ready to support learning in September

Aug 18, 2021

Ensure a top class learning experience in September

With schools re-opening to students in September, it is more important than ever to ensure your schools IT supports the new emphasis on distance learning and digital classrooms. Schools have to improve and upgrade their ICT network, hardware, software and infrastructure to meet the demand of digital based learning, including remote learning, online lessons and what is now being termed hybrid learning.

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Identify where to improve and upgrade your schools ICT

full ICT audit and health check for your school will give you an overview of the current IT infrastructure, what is performing well and what could be improved to enhance your schools chances of meeting the demands of the new  digital reliant education and curriculum.

“Get a real-time overview of your school’s ICT letting you make intelligent and positive decisions”

Wi-Fi for your School

A fast, reliable and secure internet and Wireless network for your school will ensure the best possible experience for both students and staff. With the reliance and dominance of online learning in recent times, as well as remote and distance learning, both in and out of the classroom – a high quality wireless internet network for schools is increasingly important.

Servers for your School

Powerful and secure servers help form the backbone of your schools ICT network and infrastructure. Quality and speed are essential to support your schools ICT network and ensure an optimal educational experience. Servers for schools can ensure all your schools software and programs run smoothly.

Remote Learning

Software such as Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365 for Education are increasingly relied on to deliver learning and teaching, as well as communicating with students, staff and parents. With many FREE features to enhance and organise lessons, cut down on resources and admin, Network IT 24 can help you install, setup and support both Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365 for Education at your school.

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