How interactive touchscreens can benefit education in schools

Oct 18, 2020

Interactive touchscreen technology is transforming the classroom

Interactive touch screen displays for schools, used in education, are changing how staff teach and students learn. There are many benefits of using interactive whiteboards in the classroom, for social distanced learning. These include enhanced student engagement and performance as well as teacher and administrator efficiency. First of all, interactive touchscreens for schools bring lessons to life!

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Improve Engagement and Productivity

Interactive touchscreens in schools are transforming the way we educate. This technology helps to increase student engagement, concentration and productivity. Lessons can be brought to life with sound, animations, video and access to resources both on and offline.


With the latest technology and updates, using interactive touchscreens in your school has never been easier. Connection to the internet and accessing cloud services is straightforward. For example a school could integrate and access their cloud based learning platform (i.e. Google Education or Office 365 for Education) with the touchscreen and access lessons, plans, documents, resources and much more – all through one convenient piece of hardware.

“Students with technology based or aided learning were more engaged, concentrated for longer, were focused and full of energy…”

Life Skills for Students

As well as making the education process more exciting and engaging, using technology like touchscreens lets students develop critical life skills. Interactive screens in schools encourage collaborative learning and help students with: Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness, relationship building and decision-making.


Studies have shown that students with technology based or aided learning were more engaged, concentrated for longer, were focused and full of energy. This ultimately meant that the students were able to use technology like touchscreens in school to benefit and improve their learning process and experience.

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