Essential Service

Our Essential Service Package covers all the bases to ensure your schools network is fully supported or opt for our Custom Package to select the from some of the essentials you require.


Working with best-in-class Accredited Partners our most popular package, Essential Services Package, offers your school premium services with excellent value.

The Essential Service Package provides the following services:


Compliant with the latest guidelines and policies and constantly updated to combat new threats our E-safety service covers a wide range of safe-guarding challenges ensuring safe learning environment for staff and students.


Server Support

We provide both physical and cloud based server support, ensuring your school is making the most of ICT to enhance and secure the digital learning experience for staff and students.


Network Monitoring

Our dedicated network software constantly monitors the performance and activity of your schools ICT infrastructure, helping to protect critical data and processes and ensures instant detection and resolution of any problems anywhere in the system.


Virus Protection

The latest and most reputable virus and malware protection for your school, that are continuously updated to keep your students, staff and data safe and secure.


Cloud Backup

Our team of technicians will help setup and ensure smooth running of your chosen cloud backup service, providing a secure and easily accessible backup service, as well as guiding and offering best practices for your IT manager.


24/7 Service Desk

With over 90% of issues resolved remotely, our 24/7 service desk gives you piece of mind and security in the knowledge that your school has a team of dedicated support team on hand whenever you need.


ICT Strategy and 3 Year Plan

Our ICT for schools experts will work with your IT department, school leaders and decision-makers to formulate a 3 year ICT strategy and plan, taking into account your vision, budget and nsuring your school is future-proof.


Full On-Site Backup and Support

Regular maintenance checks and on-site technical support with your dedicated ICT consultant and technicians, keeping your school’s ICT infrastructure performing optimally.


Essential Systems Support

Support, advice and guidance on all your school’s essential systems and processes with continuous monitoring and troubleshooting including hardware, software and school information and data management.


Custom Package

We understand some schools prefer to manage services in-house, if this is the case then the Custom Package is for you. Offering the same services from the Essential Services Package, you simply select the service you need for your school, simplicity at its best.

If you’re not sure what you need, contact us and our expert consultants will be happy to help.



Our Essential Service Package covers all the bases to ensure your school Network is fully supported or choose the services you need to create a Custom Package


Devised alongside Senior Leadership Teams, Teachers and IT Managers our Technical Support Packages are built around your needs, flexibility and value for money


Our Remote Support Team resolves over 90% of issues through our help-desk and can be accessed 24/7.


We know the benefits of having something that works specifically for your school and budget. Get in contact and we can create a bespoke package tailored exactly to your needs.



“We chose Network IT because our previous provider didn’t meet our expectations. I arrived at the school 18 months ago and found that we were paying over £10,000 more for what appeared to be a lesser service. The transition to Network IT was seamless, from the start of the process to the end we couldn’t fault the team.”


Joel Marshall
Belle-Vue Primary School, Stourbridge



“As a new Head Teacher in Dudley I was frustrated by the limitations of the IT services. I was constantly having to call the provider for permissions. When I received the renewal costs I was shocked by the expense when I had the experience of working with a different provider in a previous authority where it was a lot cheaper. This was when I started looking for different options… Network IT were incredibly professional, they were informative and alongside the huge savings it made the decision easy to make… To put it simply, we have a better service, we have saved money, we have improved teaching and learning, and we have been supported every step of the way.”


Marie Fellows
Brook Primary School, Stourbridge

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