Maximise your School’s ICT budget

Oct 18, 2020

Helping your school save money

When looking at ways to maximise your ICT budget the first point to consider is ensuring you have a strategic ICT plan in place. We find schools often overspend on their ICT budget because they don’t have a plan. “Where do we start?” This is a popular question many schools ask and our answer is always the same. We work together to consider the following questions:

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A Strategic ICT Plan for your School. Do you have one?

  1. What can your current ICT deliver now?
  2. How can you make better use of your existing ICT?
  3. What vision do you have for the future of your ICT & computing?
  4. How can you make this vision into a reality?

Once you’ve answered these questions you can move forward to ensure your school’s ICT needs are met and within budget.

“Schools often overspend on their ICT budget because they don’t have a plan”

Here at Network IT 24, we offer a FREE audit and healtcheck for your school IT Network and Infrastructure This will give you valuable and honest suggestions from our experience IT for schools consultants and expert technicians. We will help your school save money on ICT, be more efficient, more secure and future-proof. We are currently big on helping you setup your new remote learning and distance learning curriculum. Get in touch and one of our friendly team will contact you.

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