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Some TLC for your tireless, wireless network!

Schools are more reliant on their Wireless now, especially with the introduction of Remote Learning, Online Learning Platforms and BYOD. We ensure your school’s wireless network is running optimally and is future-ready.

TLC for your wireless network!

Audit and upgrade your school wireless network and increase the efficiency, speed and security. Ensure your school wireless network is future-ready.

Improve network and device management

Reviewing and restructuring the wireless network at your school can help you improve network and device management, especially when many devices are connected.

Increase Wireless Network Speed

Our experience in wireless networks for schools enables us to employ various technologies to boost overall performance and offer increased throughput speeds.

Boost Security on the Wireless Network

Keeping your school’s wireless network up-to-date ensures the best levels of security. We implement both industry standard and custom measures keeping your school’s wireless networks secure.

Connect to More Devices Simultaneously

Why Upgrade?

Increase Coverage

Bigger Capacity


Reduce Resource Consumption

Maximise Budgets

Latest Security Updates

Why upgrade your school WiFi?

Reduce Resource Consumption

Maximise Budgets

Latest Security Updates

Increase Coverage

Bigger Capacity


How to upgrade your school WiFi


Book your FREE Wireless Network for Schools Audit

Our wireless for schools expert will perform a thorough survey and audit of your schools current wireless network health and provide an honest, impartial and no-obligation report with suggestions and recommendations.

Design new upgrade and wireless network infrastructure

Working alongside your staff and managers we plan and design your new wireless upgrade solution. Taking into account your current needs, future-proofing and budgets.

Installation, implementation and support

We manage the whole installation process for you. We find most schools prefer to upgrade during school holidays to minimise disruption. We also offer a range of support packages.

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Wireless Network Support

We’re here to support you at all stages. Our WiFi experts will provide training to staff where required. We also offer remote support, technical support and on-site support packages to suit your schools wireless network needs.

Key Features of Wi-Fi Wireless Networks for Schools:

  • Faster internet connection for your school
  • Secure wireless trusted by schools across the UK
  • Supports remote learning, BYOD and more devices
  • Better Internet network monitoring
  • Improved site-wide wireless coverage in school
  • Reliable wireless connections for your school
  • Ultra fast high speed internet improves efficiency
  • Easy to use network management
  • Increased levels of security and authentication
  • Filtered and monitored content
  • Secure internet for your school
  • Add more devices and users with ease
  • Top of the range Wi-Fi 6 wireless routers & hardware
  • Increase interaction and productivity in school
  • Improve communications between staff and students

We were highly impressed by the hard work and continued support from Network IT 24’s team throughout the whole process. Our school now has hassle free wireless access for all its wireless devices whether they are old or new.

Tim Burgess, IT Network Manager, Wolverley Secondary School

FREE School Wi-Fi Wireless demo worth £995!


Why does Network IT 24 choose Ubiquiti?

We partner with Ubiquiti because they offer the best in Wireless 6 solutions for Schools and Academies. The network coverage and cutting edge improvement in  wireless technology for school is unprecedented and allows staff and pupils to maximise the use of ICT and technology in their learning. We also are able to save our schools and Academies money and expand the school wireless network at a low cost.

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