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Servers and Storage for Schools

The backbone of your schools network – we plan and design your server and network infrastructure with the best value and performance to meet your individual school needs.

Servers and Storage for Schools

With the increasing reliance on e-learning and teaching in education, you need a secure, resilient and future-proof server and storage solution.

Improve education with a seamless online experience

Easily allow students and teachers to access data, files and applications from school or home encourages an immersive and collaborative learning culture.

Easy to manage and scale up rapidly as you need

Designed for simplicity and coupled with modular technology, manangement and scaling-up of your server is fast and friendly on the environment too.

Enterprise grade security and 247 UK based support

Security first! Our popular HP servers are the world’s most secure industry standard server and are built up with security and reliability as standard.





Industry leading servers from HP and Dell, with the latest features, world-class standards in quality to support your school

Storage and Servers for Schools

Workload Optimised

Transform IT with insights that optimise workload performance, placement and efficiency, and deliver better outcomes faster by using the foundations intelligence of HPE ProLiant.

360 degree security

Experience an enhanced, holistic, 360-degree view to security that begins in the manufacturing supply chain and concludes with a safeguarded, end-of-life decommissioning using the world’s most secure industry standard server.

Intelligent automation

Simplify and automate management tasks, and establish a solid foundation for an open, hybrid cloud platform enabled by composability and the intelligence built in to HPE ProLiant.


Take advantage of a family of versatile, resilient, software-defined rack servers suited to diverse workloads and controlled through a single infrastructure management solution.

Remote access and growth

Achieve simple, efficient business value. Our user-inspired innovations provide easy remote access and improve energy efficiencies to lower your TCO.

Hybrid Server

Quickly and confidently move workloads to the right mix of hybrid cloud platforms using data-driven guidance. Delivering the performance and efficiency of a server ideally suited to its workload tasks.


Cloud servers let you access resources from any location and can improve distance learning. Cloud servers let you remove any physical servers in your school. Moving to the cloud brings many benefits and cost savings. Many schools are using cloud servers to ensure education continuity and remote access.


Make the most of both on-site physical servers and cloud services. Ideal for schools that need to keep some on site storage, or have legacy applications and need the speed and reliability of a local network, coupled with the convenience of a cloud server solution.


Ensure your server and IT infrastructure is running at 100% with Managed Servers for schools. Monitored remotely and helps your school save time and resources on server maintenance and support. Optimised and updated for you by our server experts.


Virtualisation simulates a physical server and allows schools easier management of server resources, requires less expenditure on hardware and energy and can reduce the number of servers needed. Virtual servers let you run multiple operating systems and applications from one single server and offer significant savings on hardware, maintenance and space.

We’re partners with the best-in-class service providers, offering value, quality and performance for your school

Cisco Schools Network Services Partner
Dell School Equipment Supplier Registered Partner
HP School Equipment Supplier
Microsoft Office 365 for Schools
ICT Provider for Schools

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Key features of Servers and Storage for your school:

  • Servers are essential to support your school
  • Servers and storage handle remote learning easily
  • Simple to scale up for your school needs
  • Secure and reliable servers give you peace of mind
  • HP and Dell offer world-class server technology
  • Improve speed and efficiency of school processes
  • Remote access and server monitoring
  • Low cost high performance servers for school
  • Network IT 24 is a HP Partner
  • Build server solutions inline with your school vision and budget
  • Integrate on-site or cloud networks
  • Hybrid and multiple servers
  • Virtual Servers supported
  • School data backups and recovery plan
  • Flexible and configurable servers

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Why does Network IT 24 choose HP Servers for your school?

We supply, manage and install HP Servers because they offer the best in servers and storage solutions for Schools and Academies. Quality, build, resilliance and reliability ensure staff and pupils to maximise the use of ICT and technology in their learning. As HP partners we also are able to save our schools and Academies money and expand the school network at a low cost.