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Remote Learning for Schools

Remote learning places extra demands on your schools hardware and ICT infrastructure. We have a range of remote learning services and support for schools ensuring a continued and positive learning experience. 

Remote Learning for Schools

Continue education with Remote Learning and support your schools community


Continued learning in a safe environment whether in or out of the classroom is a priority. Our services can help you setup safe remote learning at your school.


Keep students, staff and parents up to date and engaged with the new way of learning. Having a sense of community helps us all manage and progress in difficult circumstances.


Cloud based software and learning platforms let you manage and organise lessons, content, news and updates all in one convenient place. Remote access means you can work in or out of the classroom.

Services and Support that can help your schools remote learning vision

Wireless Internet

Servers and Storage

Google Remote Learning Platform

Tablets, Laptops & Computers

Interactive Touchscreens

Microsoft Office 365 Remote Learning Platform

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