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Management Information Systems for Schools

A comprehensive schools information management system that frees up staff from admin, provides useful data and performance tracking for every pupil in just a few clicks

Management Information Systems for Schools

Helping your school to securely utilise and manage all the data available to improve analysis, strategy and engagement.

Powerful data to drive improvement

Manage all your schools essential data in one convenient place. Allowing you to make informed and postive decisions on student progress, attendance, budgets and resource management.

Reporting and analytics in real-Time

With easy to use and management of reporting and analysis of data, your school can have an instant overview of all apsects of activity. Ideal for sharing insights with key stakeholders including Ofsted, staff, student and parents.

Improve student and parental engagement

Create a more immersive and engaging learning atmosphere and environment. Communicate with parents and staff quickly, easily and from one place. Simply choose between SMS, email or letter, then type your message and hit send.

Reporting & Analytics

Simple & Intuitive

Any device, anywhere

Secure Management

A powerful solution for your school that saves time and resources.Manage data, access reporting and make make positive decisions in a few clicks

Information Management Systems for Schools Software


Ditch those paper registers and introduce your staff to an efficient registration process both in the classroom and the office.


Manage all your staff information in one place, from recording staff contract and attendance information to creating your own Single Central Record.


Track behaviour in real-time from the classroom and use customisable reports to get an insight into behaviour patterns.


The meals module allows you to add and track payments, create debt letters and print out reports ready for your kitchen staff at lunchtime.


Identify and track those pupils who may need additional support in certain areas, and analyse your budget against the progress of a group over time.


Our DfE compatible census module only asks for the data you haven’t got – anything relevant that you have already entered is automatically pulled through and populated for you.


Track all your clubs before, during and after school with our clubs module. Take registers and manage payments all within the same system.


Track and analyse all your special educational needs and disabilities data, as well as confidential and child protection information – all securely stored for your safeguarding team.


We provide hundreds of ready-made reports so you can get going from day 1. Chop up and analyse your data in real time with ease.

On a day-to-day basis, ScholarPack enables me to extract any information I need quickly and easily, saving me so much time compared to our previous MIS.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Information Management Systems for Schools

Why Network IT chooses ScholarPack MIS for your school?

ScholarPack is trusted by over 1,300 school across the UK and has allowed them to drive improvement in all areas of school life. It is easy to use and well supported.

Important features of the school information managment system software

  • Comprehensive school management software
  • Pupil performance tracking
  • Reduce administrative tasks for staff
  • Create reports quickly and easily
  • Powerful data and anlaytics for schools
  • Resource & budget management for schools
  • SMS messaging for schools
  • Cloud based so you can access anywhere anytime
  • Create letters and emails
  • Many simple to use information management modules for your school
  • Attendance and beahviour tracking for schools
  • Manage meals and school clubs
  • Analyse SEND data
  • Communicate with parents
  • Integration with Parent Pay, Inventry and CPOMS

FREE School MIS demo worth £995!

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